Monday, October 11, 2010

oh snap!

We went fishing on Saturday and caught our limit of snapper.  We went out on the Misty:

Captain Gary practically guaranteed that I would catch snapper.  He didn't lie. Once we had our fill of snapper he got us some trigger fish. Here's our final haul:

Meanwhile, there has been actual knitting going on.  I am 75% done with my February Lady Sweater knit with my first purchase form Sundara.  The pattern calls for Sundara worsted merino and, by golly, it went on sale (because they are no longer making this version of it).  


This pattern has languished in my queue for too long so I was more than happy for the excuse to buy some Sundara yarn and see what it is all about.  I am pleased with the quality.  It's soft and only a tiny bit splitty.  There are no unexpected knots in the middle of it (so far) and the color is richly variegated.  My knitting, however, is a mess but I have decided to adapt and continue on.  So what if I had about 20 extra stitches on the needles when I started the lace part!  I will just increase less!  Also I am now an expert at tinking back down a stitch to pick up a missed yarn over.

Next blog post I will expose my hoarding for all the world to see.

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