Saturday, June 18, 2011

holy mackerel

Not only did we catch Spanish mackerel yesterday, but I also have a few finished projects.

The socks are Helix knit in Koigu that Pam picked out a long long time ago.  I finally got them done after a long hiatus.  I am really pleased even though I am almost sure they will be too big for her.  I like the toe-up-two-at-a-time technique.  But I would be kidding myself to think that knitting socks is a fast project compared to, say, knitting a sweater.  There are a shit-ton of little tiny stitches on little tiny needles in each sock.

The baby blanket is for the latest niece. It is knit in Toto from Artfibers.  According to their website (today) Toto is supposed to be a "chunky" weight yarn that can be knit at 15 stitches = 4 inches on size 9 needles.  What I received was a barely worsted weight yarn that I had to knit up with size 7 needles just to get a decent heft fabric. So much for a fast knit baby project.

The pattern was from Purl for a chunky weight cotton yarn. The border is sewn on.  There has got to be  a better way to do this but I tried and could not pickup just one stitch while knitting the border to attach it at the same time.  A better knitter than me has probably got that all worked out.  Anyway, all of that border sewing and fussing around with how many peaks to make for each side of the border was a pain in the ass.

The finished blanket is adorable though so I suppose it was worth it.