Tuesday, March 8, 2011

yes I have a lot of catching up to do

But I decided to just skip it and start posting.

There has been tons of knitting going on and my Ravelry project page is fairly up to date with a few exceptions like a baby blanket I finished from my queue but don't have a baby to give it to. Yet.

Instead of rehashing right now, I want to post about my very first Wollmeise purchase.  I can't believe I got sucked into the madness.  I think my curiosity and inner competitor got the best of me.  I bought two Kunterbunt We're Different packages of two semisolid skeins in the 100% merino superwash.

I don't know what the colors are called but I really like them. 575 yards per skein means I can make a pair of large socks with a single.  Nice.

I like the green color the best:

I think I will try to trade maroon:

The bags they came in with German translations of English knitting terms are a nice touch:

 The other night I couldn't sleep and found myself awake at the computer at 2 am.  I conveniently remembered that was exactly the time when the Wollmeise shop gets updated (7 hour time difference and the shop updates happen at 8 AM Berlin time).  I think I have four more skeins coming but I may have dreamed it....

Birdwatching has also been happening.  I put up new feeders in New Orleans and Alabama and I hope to have some good feeder pictures soon.  In  the mean time here is a shot of a Great Horned Owl in a nest with two babies.

The shot is pretty bad because, as usual, I did not have my long lens with me.  I am going to go back next weekend to reshoot, if the babies are still there. There is actually another nest near by with two more owlets. They looked a little smaller so maybe I can geta  shot at them. Here are some lovely Cedar Waxwings on a grey day: