Sunday, April 12, 2009

more birds in the yard

Yesterday I was able to observe this warbler close enough to make an id without binoculars and he was cooperative enough to allow me to run inside get my camera and change lenses so I could then take his picture. Also showing up in the yard: three orchard orioles.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

maybe I just can't stand most people

I think my cats are pretty close to being people - only much better. Yup I am one of those "crazy cat lady types". This probably comes across as psycho-humanizing of cats.

I am pretty sure my belief reflects my poor opinion of people. Yes, I know cats are animals and not people. I don't think they are entitled to universal healthcare and I don't freak out over leather or fur coats as long as they aren't made out of cats or dogs. Clearly, I am no vegan-PETA-card carrying animal lover.

But after today's experience in line at the drive through at the bank - completely insane stupid person in front of me - I know my cat passion is a direct result of my feelings about horribly annoying people sharing my space and breathing my air.

Its all in the contrasts: stupid annoying lady inline at the bank vs. easy going soft playful purring Ree. Who would you prefer to hang out with? Who would you want to spend energy on? Who sucks the life out of you versus giving it back?

I think the extent to which you love a pet sneaks up on you. And when they die the impact can be surprising. Like falling into a deep funk. Or sudden irrational urges for a new cat even though you swore you would never go through that again (vet bills, clawed couches, vomit, hairballs, etc).

And so I present Newey and Itchy. Two irreplaceable cats. But I am sure I will try.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So it looks like I got the little flickr slideshow of my knitting picture set to run. I need to add more finished objects. I have more listed on raverly. I am "SeymoreMonkey" there, too.

Here are some more pictures of Pirate's Cove over Spring break two weeks ago. The place was hopping. They had music and were running around like crazy making cheeseburgers. It was three deep at the bar. You can also see that Steve and Elaine were quite happy to be at the Cove, however, Sue and Gayle don't look as impressed. I am sure they were tired from our 2 mile Spring Walk in Fairhope that morning.....