Sunday, January 24, 2010

new kitten

The new kitten is 4 months old and does not yet have a name.  I am open to suggestions.  Preferably unconventional ones. More pictures and a video of his homecoming:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

aaarg new yarn

I have nowhere to store this but I had a moment and bought a bunch of yarn. I went to the Yarn Cottage in Fairhope, AL for some sock knitting yarn because, hey, how much space could that take up?  But this is what came back:

That seems like a couple of pairs of sock and I could have stopped.  But no, I have to get yarn for a baby blanket and of course it has to be bulky:

And then a visit to the two dollar bin yielded an interesting combination of metallic and mohair and merino leftovers:

There is 250 yards of the mohair, 250 of the merino and 100 of the metallic thread.  I am thinking scarfy wrap. 

Friday, January 1, 2010

birds lately

I am in Alabama and here is a list - not complete - of the winter birds I have seen over the holiday week. Mostly the usual suspects but a few new ones for me.

1. Bonapartes gull - out on the pass with some
2. Skimmers
3. Sanderlings
4. Savannah sparrow or possibly a song sparrow
5. Common loons
6. Cormorants - a lot
7. Least terns
8. Royal tern
9. Many ospreys
10. White pelicans (on Mobile bay)
11. Carolina Wren at the outside bar at Pirates Cove

I know the winter ducks are here and I have even seen a few when we were out in the boat. But I couldn't get Steve to slow down enough for an id.

edited to add

12. White throated sparrows
13. Tons of pine warblers
14. Gold finches

Funny. I tried last winter to get the gold finches with thistle but none came. This year, here they are messing with my mind by looking all pine-warblery and eating the sunflower seeds.